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What is scramble?

The scramble is a military term for emergency start of the military aircraft. I referred to as the alert mission waiting mission with the scramble. Emergency start of the fighter is well known, but military aircraft reconnaissance aircraft, patrol aircraft, the search and rescue aircraft, etc. also implemented emergency start.

You are monitoring 24 hours a day radar site, early warning aircraft, the airborne warning and control system for air defense identification zone of Japan in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Fighter F-15, F-2, F-4EJ Kai if there is a possibility that the unidentified machine overfly is, to implement the pair overflight measures based on Article 84 Self-Defense Forces Law with emergency start. In Japan around, demonstration flight of the Russian army, have been conducted throughout the year, behavior of the Chinese military has also intensified in recent years. The base fighter Air Self-Defense Force is scrambling, is 7 base Chitosekichi Hokkaido, Aomori Prefecture Misawa base, Ibaraki Prefecture Hyakurikichi, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture base, Fukuoka castle base, Miyazaki Prefecture Shindenhara base, Okinawa Naha base .

Approaching the target aircraft is if you can perceive in advance, there is a case to be the sky waiting to pre-fighters scrambling. CAP (cap) this: that COMBAT AIR PATROL combat air patrol.

Armed scramble machine is a Vulcan cannon and short-range missiles. In some cases to enhance the medium-range missile by the situation. 1, we conducted a warning shot against the Soviet overflight machine warning shooting incident so far. It is not limited to aircraft of the enemy, in some cases and civil aircraft of non-submission, suspended solids American military aircraft, such as a balloon, the radio-controlled machine flight plan unidentified airplane.

Or if commercial aircraft fell into emergency, to perform information gathering fighters have scrambled also large-scale disaster. In Japan Airlines Flight 123 crash, F-4EJ fighter of 2 aircraft conducted a search of distress machine, in China Civil Aviation machine hijacking, F-1 support fighter was escorted to Fukuoka Airport hijacking machine.

U-125A search unit and the UH-60J rescue helicopter is in the rescue waiting 24 hours a day. Also, you have an emergency start on a large scale disaster, reconnaissance Air Corps implements the information collected in the affected areas.

Scramble of Maritime Self-Defense Force

Is shipborne helicopter patrol in the escort of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, patrol aircraft is attached to the alert mission 24 hours a day in aviation base.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force, and make full use of patrol aircraft, destroyers, submarines, ocean surveillance ship, the electronic Troopers, and has implemented patrol of the waters around Japan (patrol). The target goal in patrol missions, submarines, naval vessels, suspicious ship is a ballistic missile, etc.. If you detect suspicious goal in the waters around Japan, to identify visually, to be transmitted to the senior headquarters photographed images. In addition, it is allowed to scramble the patrol aircraft of reinforcements, the process proceeds to surveillance ongoing vessels even if the emergency departure. Information collected by patrol ho of Staff Office integration - are published in the Page. Normally, you do not have an armed patrol in, but can be mounted anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine bombs, machine guns, missile defense equipment, etc., depending on the situation. 1 To date, we conducted a warning shot in the Noto Peninsula off the coast of suspicious ship incident. The examples published the detection information of submarines, there is a Han class nuclear submarine intrusion into territorial waters incident.

It is a 5 base Aomori Prefecture Ominato base, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture base, Kyoto Maizuru base, Kure base, Nagasaki Prefecture Sasebo base, Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture base, base of the escort of the MSDF, base of patrol aircraft Kanagawa Prefecture it is a 5 base Atsugi, Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture Kanoya base, Okinawa Naha base.

If the neighboring countries to conduct military exercises in the waters around Japan, monitoring mission is commanded to the Maritime Self-Defense Force from the Government of Japan. In this case, the NOTAM from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for airlines, navigation warning is issued from the Coast Guard to ship.

Also at the request of the Japan Coast Guard, I do also search for suspicious boats and vessels in distress. Deal of suspicious vessels, is the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard, but a deal impossible case, the Maritime Self-Defense Force to implement the maritime security action.

If you have received a request for disaster relief, rescue squadron rescue flying boat US-1, US-2, the rescue helicopter UH-60J or the like is an emergency start, to start the rescue of the outlying areas and offshore mainly.
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